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Narrative Text Theory and The Example

narrative text

Function: to amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or various experiences in different way.

Generic Structure:
1. Orientation: sets the scene and introduces the participant.
2. Evaluation : a stepping back to evaluate the plight.
3. Complication: a crisis arises
4. Resolution: the crisis is resolved for better or worse
5. Reorientation: optional closure of the story

Lexicogrammatical Features

1. Focus on individualized participant
2. Use of material processes (behavioral and verbal processes)
3. Use temporal conjunction and temporal circumstances
4. use past tense

Text Example


Once upon a time in Lombok, there was a kingdom named Kahuripan. The king of Kahuripan was very wise. He had a daughter, named Mandalika. She was very beautiful. Many princes wanted to marry her.


To choose the one that would be his son in law, the king had an arrow shooting competition. On the day of the competition those princes shot their arrows. All of them did it perfectly. The king found difficulty to choose. Therefore the princes began fight and kill each other.


Princess Mandalika was so desperate. She didn’t want anyone killing each other because of her. Then she decided to go to the sea, she died in the south sea of Lombok. The king and princes were sad and felt guilty. They regretted and stopped fighting.

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